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My journey started May 2017. I achieved my goal weight in February 2018. Besides needing to lose weight for my health I needed to lose weight a year after a total knee replacement and before the possibility of a 2nd knee replacement. Second knee replacement has been put on hold for now due to 80lbs weight loss. Thank you to my coach Tami McLean, my family and friends for their support and encouragement.

I am now into my 5th year after weight loss and still maintaining. I take it day by day to keep the weight off. I follow the Phase 1 protocol most of the time but that is what works for me. I am now able to walk 7+ miles a day whereas in 2017 I could barely walk. It is truly a lifestyle change. I have tried various other weight loss programs in the past 40+ years but backtracked soon thereafter. Other programs did not teach the food philosophy that Ideal Protein utilizes. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is ready to make a commitment and make a lifetime change.


Fort Worth, TX

I highly recommend Ideal Protein. Over ten years ago, I lost 30 pounds. I continue to enjoy the smoothie mix and wafers to maintain my weight.

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I cannot thank Tami McLean enough for helping me achieve my weight loss goal. Initially, I started with Ideal Protein to lose weight to lower my blood pressure, but little did I know that it was much more than just that. Life's challenges got in the way, and I regained the weight. But then I found Tami, and she was my guiding light. Her coaching was instrumental in keeping me motivated and on track. With her help, I successfully followed the program and am now in the Maintenance Phase. Not only have I reached my target weight, but I am also sleeping better and feeling better overall. Tami's advice and support have taught me how to establish healthy habits and maintain them for life. If you're looking for a program that works, you need a great, empathetic, and encouraging coach like Tami.


COVID found me home, alone, and closer to a kitchen, refrigerator, and a pantry full of BAD snacks than I had been in 13 years and my weight reflected my poor decisions. I have done every diet available and have always been successful in taking off weight but once I stopped all the weight came back and more. I had watched my brother lose weight and keep it off, so I asked him his secret and he said, no secret- Ideal Protein Protocol. He shares his coaches information with me and she has been amazing. IP coaches stay with you through to your weight loss goal and beyond. It isn’t easy to give up bad habits, but working the program is very satisfying. With the help of my coach, I have achieved my goal and continue to maintain (mostly) better than any other program I have tried. IP works if you let it and with your coach you never have to do it alone.


Ideal Protein is an amazing program that changed my life. I committed at a time when I was so deflated after not being able to lose weight on my own. Little did I know that IP was less about weight loss and more about breaking bad habits, discovering a love for vegetables, getting creative when cooking, all while being supported every step of the way in such a loving community even when I stumbled.

My coach, once said, “fast forward to tomorrow, play it forward and you won’t have regrets.” 33 pounds less, I’ll always be thankful for her wisdom!

My coach also ends every text with a “ You’ve got this!”

Remember, each of us can do hard things, especially in the positive environment that Ideal You offers!

My coaches care more about my overall health and well being and less about the number on the scale. It’s “team you!” Which is probably why every text ends with a “ you’ve got this!”


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I was tired of feeling tired! Ideal Protein has not only help me lose 20+ pounds, but more importantly, I feel SO GOOD! As an added bonus, the food is great and coaches are AMAZING.

Whitney Mock

I have had a wonderful experience with Ideal Protein. The coaches are great, I like the food, and even better-I’m losing weight!

Lynn McBroom

I am so thankful and proud to know Tami McLean & be a part of her success story with Ideal Protein. She changed my life. I’ve never been healthier or happier! Congrats on 10 years of making a huge difference in the life of others.

Michelle Marlow

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